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Runnymeade HOA Board and Committees




Board of Directors and Officers


The RHOA is governed by a Board of Directors, which consists of five volunteer homeowners, elected by the Members at the Annual Meeting, to serve in staggered terms for a period of three years each. Once elected, Board members elect the officers of the RHOA annually at the first regularly scheduled Board meeting following the Annual Meeting.  The officers of the RHOA are: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The Secretary and the Treasurer may be but do not need to be on the Board of Directors.

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)


The Architectural Control Committee (ACC), previously referred to as the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), consists of at least five volunteer members from within the community. Its purpose is to develop policies for maintaining and enhancing the structural design of the neighborhood and to establish procedures for ensuring that additions and alterations to the exteriors of living units are in the best interest of the community. The ACC reviews requests from residents for exterior modifications and issues approvals or disapprovals based on the architectural standards described in the RHOA’s governing documents and/or approved by the Board of Directors.

The ACC has its own web page. Just click here for the page, including links to the Resident’s Handbook, forms, and guidelines.

Budget and Finance Committee


The Budget and Finance Committee assists and supports the Treasurer and advises the Board on matters of budgeting and financial operations of the RHOA.


Bylaws Committee


The Bylaws Committee reviews the operation and effectiveness of the RHOA’s Bylaws and proposes amendments to the RHOA Bylaws when and if necessary.

Communications Committee


The Communications Committee prepares the community newsletter.  It helps maintain the RHOA’s website, www.runnymeade.org, Google Groups, Facebook Page, and other means of communications with homeowners and residents; and it organizes community activities and events.

Grounds Committee


The Grounds Committee is responsible for overseeing and advising the Board of Directors on the quality of the common areas as well as maintenance of individual landscapes. The committee advises the Board on grounds maintenance contracts and submits long-range landscaping plans that include budget requirements.

The Grounds Committee has its own web page that you can view by clicking here.

Nominating Committee/Nominations Committee


The Nominating Committee is established in the RHOA’s Bylaws. It consists of a Chairman, who must be a member of the Board, and two or more members of the RHOA.   The Nominating Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors prior to each Annual Meeting of the Members and serves from the close of that Annual Meeting until the close of the Annual Meeting of the following year.

Parking Committee


The Parking Committee monitors, reviews, and analyzes parking issues and concerns in the community and proposes solutions, recommendations, and policies to the Board to address such issues and concerns. 

The Parking Committee has its own web page. To view,  click here.


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