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Trash Pickup



Pickup Days:    


Recycling – THURSDAYS ONLY   

Where to put your trash out for pickup:

Curbside - in front of your townhouse only



When to put your trash out for pickup:     

After 6:00 p.m. the night before pickup and before 6:00 a.m. pickup day



Trash containers must be removed from in front of your house within 24 hours of trash pickup.


Trash guidelines: 

·         Household waste only, no construction or remodeling waste.

·         No household hazardous waste (no paint, pesticides, oil, gas, antifreeze, corrosive chemicals, etc.).

·         For more info on household hazardous waste, contact the Fairfax County Office of Solid Waste at 703-631-1179.


Recycling guidelines:

·         Acceptable items include: aluminum cans, foil and trays rinsed and cleaned; metal food and beverage cans; clear and colored glass; #1 thru #7 plastics, plastic bottles, wide mouth plastic containers and rigid plastics; newspapers, mixed paper, junk mail, magazines, phone books and catalogs; empty aerosol cans; cardboard, paperboard (including cereal boxes without the lining and frozen food packs, etc.; and corrugated cardboard.  

·         Moving boxes are recyclable and must be placed out with recycling collection.  

·         Recycling items may be commingled in the same recycling container.  

·         We prefer you do not use plastic bags for recycling.


Yard Debris guidelines:

·         Grass clippings and leaves should be bagged in clear plastic bags, brown paper bags, or a personal can clearly marked “Yard Debris.” 

·         Brush and limbs should be bundled and tied.  Limbs should not exceed four feet in length and three inches in diameter. 

·         Items that are bagged or bundled are not to exceed 50 lbs.  

·         Concrete, bricks, blocks, mulch, dirt and sod are not acceptable and should be taken to the County Landfill by the resident.  

·         From January 1 to March 1, yard debris pickup is on Thursdays only; for remainder of the year, pickup will be on both collection days.


Bulk items guidelines:

·         Please notify American Disposal’s Customer Service at 703-368-0500 at least 24 hours in advance when putting out bulk items (i.e., furniture, appliances, etc.).  There may be a charge for bulk items depending on size and quantity of the items.



  • Our trash contractor, American Disposal Services, does not operate on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day, and on days when the county landfill is closed or the roads are deemed unsafe due to snow or ice.  Your trash and /or recycling will be picked up on the next scheduled collection day unless otherwise notified.  If you put your trash out and it is not picked up, you are responsible for taking it back and not putting it out until the next pickup day.


For more information:

·         Contact American Disposal Customer Service at 703-368-0500 or visit www.americandisposal.com

·         Contact Jeffrey Charles & Associates, Runnymeade’s Managing Agent, at 703-924-5900

·         Contact the Fairfax County Office of Solid Waste at 703-631-1179 or visit www.fairfaxcounty.gov

·         Visit Runnymeade’s web site at www.runnymeade.org


Regular trash pickup.
Trash is picked up twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. Trash may be placed at the curb for pickup after sunset the previous day.

Residents must make special pickup arrangements for large and over-sized items, such as furniture or appliances, by calling American Disposal at 703-368-0500 or visiting www.american-disposal.com.

Trash should be placed in containers or in HEAVY DUTY trash bags -- not light-weight white trash bags -- secured tightly, and placed on the curb in front of your home. Broken glass, tin can lids, and sharp-edged refuse should be wrapped in paper bags. Ashes remain hot for several days, please store them in a metal container, out of the house, for about a week prior to putting them out for pickup. Hedge and tree trimmings must be cut into 4-foot lengths and tied in small bundles or bagged. THE FOLLOWING ITEMS WILL NOT BE COLLECTED: any liquids, dead animals, oil, wet paint, batteries, construction/remodeling material, manure, tree stumps, mulch, sod, dirt, stone, rocks, cement, bricks, poisons, dangerous acids, caustics, explosives or other dangerous material or items too large or heavy to be loaded in collection vehicles safely by refuse collectors. These items can be dropped off at a county complex for trash. See the link below.

Pickup of Recyclable Items
Glass, plastics, and newspapers are picked up on Thursdays. Uncontaminated cardboard, paperboard, mixed paper, plastic bottles and jugs were added to the current list of required recyclables by Fairfax County that must be collected SEPARATELY from curbside trash. Add these items to your recycle bin for curbside pickup on Thursdays.

An example of "uncontaminated" would be clean pizza boxes, and cardboard without oil stains.

Please bag your newspapers or tie them up to restrain them from blowing loose. Recycling bins may be placed at the curb after sunset on Wednesdays.

Where can I dispose of latex paint?
In Fairfax County, our trash removal contractor can legally accept dried latex paint. If you must dispose of it, take the lid off the can, place it in a well-ventilated location, let the paint dry, and throw away the dried paint with your regular garbage. Mixing dry kitty litter into the paint accelerates drying. Dry latex paint is not considered household hazardous waste.

Wet Paint can be dropped off at a county complex for trash. You can peruse our web page of links to Fairfax County web pages to find information on where to dispose of wet paint, tires, and batteries.

How to arrange for special trash pickups.
Leaving bulk items such as rugs, furniture, appliances, large amounts of wood, etc, for pickup at the curb won't work without making special arrangements.

The RHOA contract with the trash company, American Disposal, provides:

SPECIAL PICKUPS:  We will proved curbside pickup for the following:  furniture, extra yard debris, mattresses, and other large non-metallic household items (not to exceed 2 cubic yards total in volume) on your second collection day.  There will be an extra charge for pickup of ferrous metals/white goods such as stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, hot water tanks and other bulky items.  All SPECIALS PICKUPS will be scheduled by appointment only, and should be called in to our office at least 24 hours in advance

The number to call for American Disposal Services is 703-368-0500.  If that does not work, call the property managemeny agent, Jeffrey Charles, at 703-924-5900. Our website also has a Contractors' List where you might find others willing to haul items away for disposal.
For more detailed information see Frequently Asked Questions in the Runnymeade Resident's Handbook at page 133.  The Resident's Handbook can be found by clicking here.

Nothing makes a community look more unattractive than having trash sitting at the curbside for days on end.

Unless you indicate to Jeffrey Charles that you are taking steps to have such items disposed of, the Homeowners Association will make arrangement to have it removed and you will be billed for it. 

Christmas tree pickup
A special pickup of Christmas trees is usually made on the two Wednesdays following Christmas. The trees must be left at the curb, bare, with no ornaments, tinsel, lights, tree stands or any decorations. The trees must NOT be bagged.

Trash and toxic waste in common areas cost us all!
A careless resident left trash in the common area up on Crown Royal Circle/Ambassador Way, including an auto battery, lawnmower with oil and gas in it, and insecticide container.

It is a Runnymeade Homeowner Association (RHOA), and Fairfax County violation to dump refuse in non-designated areas. Not only are some of the elements of these items toxic to animals, children, and the environment, but they are hazardous materials that must be disposed of with special precautions in Fairfax County. When residents dump refuse in the common area it costs the RHOA (your neighbors AND you) $$$ hundreds of dollars a year to remove these items.

Click here to find out where to dispose of tires, batteries, latex paint, etc.

Please, save the RHOA the expense and potential lawsuits caused by dumping refuse and toxic waste in the common areas. As residents in this neighborhood we all bear the brunt of these expenses caused by a few inconsiderate individuals.


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