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Architectural Control Committee (ACC)
Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

The September ACC meeting scheduled for Tuesday September 12th has been postponed.  If you require ACC approval or have a question please contact the Committee at rhoa-acc@googlegroups.com

The ACC is a standing committee of the Runnymeade Homeowners Association (RHOA) and is the only RHOA Committee mentioned in the Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, and Conditions (Covenants) of the RHOA.  The ACC consists of at least five volunteer members from within the community, all of whom have been appointed by the Board.  The ACC's purpose is to develop, implement, and enforce policies for maintaining and enhancing the structural design of the neighborhood and to establish procedures for ensuring that additions and alterations to the exteriors of living units are in the best interest of the community. The ACC reviews requests from residents for exterior modifications and issues approvals or disapprovals based on the RHOA's architectural standards and guidelines. You can submit architectural review requests in writing to: Runnymeade HOA, c/o Jeffrey Charles & Associates, 6422 Grovedale Drive, Suite 201-C, Alexandria, VA 22310.


ACC Requests can take up to 45 days to review. Your written request must first be submitted to the management office (address above), which “documents” your request for the record. The request is then forwarded to the ACC, which meets once a month to review all homeowner requests. The more information you can provide with your ACC request, such as drawings, plans, pictures, vendor brochures, measurements, etc., the better.  Lack of information can delay the prompt approval of a request.

A link to the Resident's Handbook can be found below, or you can download it from the "Documents" page on this web site, which you can reach from the link to the left.  Don't forget to also look at all replacement pages for the Handbook including the 2008 and 2011 updates. 


What's the Fastest Way to Reach The ACC?

If you would like to reach all ACC members at once, using only one, easy-to-remember email address, send your email to rhoa-acc@googlegroups.com and it will go directly to all members of the ACC without you having to look up their names and email addresses. If you have any ACC questions or concerns, please contact the ACC directly, using the ACC GoogleGroup email address, or contact Runnymeade's Property Manager, Sarinda Ly, at sarinda@jeffreycharles.com.

The next ACC meeting . . .

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) normally meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM. The ACC has to schedule its monthly meetings around the availability of meeting sites, so dates, times, and locations are often changed for that reason. Residents are advised to check the Community Sign or this website for updates, as changes can be made at the last minute that are beyond the committee's control. For the location and time of the next meeting, you can also call Jeffrey Charles & Associates at 703-924-5900.

News about the ACC

1.  The current ACC members are:

Lesley Sobeck - Knights Ridge Way (Chair)
Natasha Ofosu – Castletown Way

​Chris Richards - Heatherwood Drive
​Steve Weedon - Casltetown Way
Denise Andrews - Heatherwood Drive

2.  New deck and fence stains approved at the August 2017 Board of Directors meeting. The Architectural Control Committee proposed and the Board of Directors approved 9 fence and deck stains. The previous five stains were difficult to locate and the names had changed over time. 

3. The RHOA Board of Directors has approved the use of composite materials for the construction of decks if the materials are approved by Fairfax County, are in a color approved by the ACC, and are in all other respects identical to materials used in other decks that meet Runnymeade’s existing standards and have been or would be routinely approved if built of 100% natural wood.  County-approved composite materials may be used for any component of a deck where use of such materials for such components is approved by Fairfax County.  The list of approved composite materials and the list of which deck components they can be used for within Runnymeade is intended at all times to be consistent with and reflect any changes in such list made by Fairfax County.  Any homeowner wishing to construct a new deck or modify an existing deck must submit an Application for Exterior Modification and obtain the prior approval of the ACC.  The application must specify a color choice to the ACC for approval, with the understanding that colors closest to the most up-to-date list of fence and deck stain colors approved for use in Runnymeade will be most likely to be approved, and that homeowners must submit a sample of the composite material of the chosen color if requested to do so by the ACC.

Links to forms
These are links to forms you might need to submit to the ACC.

Notice of Intent to Install Antenna on Individually-Owned Property
When you submit your request to paint the exterior of your home, the ACC will verify that your choices are on the list of approved colors. They will check to make sure you are not painting your home the same colors as your next door neighbor. Approved color choices will be good for 45 days. Copies of the approved paint palettes are available at the Jeffrey Charles & Associates management office, and are available for check-out after paying a refundable $20 deposit.   Any alteration or addition to the common elements or the exterior of a unit must receive prior approval from the ACC. Making exterior changes to your home, without prior ACC approval, can result in fines and penalties. Notice of Intent to Install an Oversized Antenna Mast on Individually-Owned Property

2006 Residents' Handbook

Other, miscellaneous guides
BEFORE you repaint your home:  ALL color choices must be approved by the ACC BEFORE you paint. ACC approval can take up to 45 days, so submit your Exterior Color Approval Form early!

At the January 2012, meeting the Runnymeade Homeowners Association (RHOA) Board approved a change in the color palettes for all homes in Runnymeade.  The Board approved removal of Palettes H (Classic Burgundy/Essex Green/Coastal Fog), I (Classic Burgundy/Charcoal Slate/Cliffside Gray) and J (Carbon Copy/Classic Burgundy/Suntan Yellow).  

New Deck and Fence Stain brands and colors
Please see below for the new apporved list of fence and deck stains. The list is accompanied by images showing what the stains look like: 
The new stains are:
Sikkens Cedar
Sherwin Williams Banyan Brown
Behr Cordovan Brown
PPG Warm Teak
PPG Jatoba
Sikkens Chestnut Brown
Sikkens Mahogany


Bad chimney cap with visible rust.

Chimney cap in good condition.

Approved Light Pole style #1
This is an image of an acceptable lightpost.

Approved Light Pole style #2
This is an image of a new, approved lightpost.


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