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Grounds Committee
The Grounds Committee


The RHOA Board contracts to provide snow management/removal services for Runnymeade streets. Generally, plowing will not commence unless and until snow accumulations reach approximately two (2) inches (as determined by reports from Reagan National Airport), or conditions and weather forecasts warrant (i.e. accumulated frozen precipitation that is expected to freeze/remain frozen for an extended period of time).


All residents are responsible for clearing the sidewalks on their property, the sidewalks bordering their property, and their driveways. When removing snow from your sidewalks and parking spaces, please be considerate of your neighbors and DO NOT put the snow out into the streets (or in front of your neighbor’s car).

The RHOA Resolutions provide that residents must ensure that their motor vehicles are not parked in such a way as to hinder proper snow plowing by our contractor. 





To many homeowners and residents, the number of mature trees throughout our community is one of the most attractive features of our community.  The Board is often asked to remove or cut back healthy trees growing on common areas but is more often asked not to take down mature, healthy trees.  The RHOA removes dead and dying trees on common area grounds and encourages residents to report dead or dangerous trees on common grounds to the attention of Runnymeade’s Property Manager at Jeffrey Charles & Associates. 



The RHOA policy on the removal of trees on Runnymede’s common areas is: 



The Runnymeade Homeowners Association (RHOA) removes dead or dangerous trees or branches from the common areas. Common area trees or branches of trees overhanging private property that are neither dead nor dangerous may be cut back, removing or trimming only the part overhanging, by the owner of the private property. The RHOA budget is not funded to accommodate the numerous requests by homeowners and residents to cut back common area live branches or trees overhanging private property.



Trees on one homeowner’s property that overhang another homeowner’s property is a private matter between the respective homeowners.  It is not a matter for the RHOA.



Trees on a homeowner’s lot that overhang common area grounds should be maintained so as not to block or impede common area sidewalks or parking lots.  In general, trees on homeowners’ lots with branches that overhang common area grounds should be maintained so that there is a minimum seven foot (7’) clearance between the ground and the overhanging branches.











The Grounds committee is a standing committee responsible for overseeing and advising the Board of Directors on the quality of the common areas as well as maintenance of individual landscapes. The committee advises the Board on the grounds maintenance contract and submits long-range landscaping plans which include budget requirements.

RHOA's Landscaping Guide
Want to know whether you must replace that sick or damaged tree in your front yard? Want to know which trees will not overgrow your yard and damage your water pipes? Download the RHOA's Landscaping Guide now! In it, you'll find RHOA-approved trees, specimen plantings, foundation plantings, and groundcovers, as well as planting, pruning, and mulching tips. There's also a guide to local nurseries. This guide was originally printed in the September 2005 issue of RHOA's Crosstalk newsletter. You can download it by clicking here.

You can also view the tree resolution by clicking here.


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