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Home Maintenance
Home Maintenance Issues
This page is devoted to home maintenance issues, contractors, and answering residents' questions about home repair.  

You may also want to visit Runnymeade's closed Facebook Group page where residents often exchange information and tips on home maintenance issues and contractors.

Winterizing your outdoor faucets.
Fall is the time to think of cold temperatures and frozen water pipes and water faucets. Any frozen water left in water pipes may expand when it freezes and burst the pipes!  Worse, you may not realize the damage that was done until you go to use your outside faucets in the spring. 

To protect your water pipes and outdoor faucets, you must first turn off the outdoor water supply at the cut-off valves inside your house (usually located in the laundry or wash room) before the weather turns too cold.  Don't forget that most houses in Runnymeade have two separate cut-off valves for the outside faucets, one for the front faucet and one for the back faucet; and they may not be near each other, although they should be in the same room.  Once the water is turned off inside, disconnect your hoses and open the outdoor faucets outside to drain the pipes. Leave your faucets open.

In the Spring, you can close the outdoor faucets and turn on the cut-off valves to restore the water flow to the faucets.

Virginia Water Line Replacement Program
Did you know that the water line that runs from the street to your home is your responsibility? Water line failure can cost a homeowner as much as $3000 or more in unexpected repairs! Dominion Products and Services, Inc., an affiliate of Dominion Virginia Power, offers a Water Line Replacement Program that includes a complete line repair or replacement of the water line between your home and the street for a monthly fee.

You can read more about it by clicking on:  https://www.dominionenergy.com/en/home-protection/water-line.

Dominion Products and Services
Dominion Products and Services offers a wide array of home warranties covering
  • Heating and Cooling Repair Program
  • Water Line Replacement Program
  • Sewer Line Repair Program
  • Surge HELP Warranty (Electrical surge damage of appliances.)
You can read about them by clicking:  https://www.dominionenergy.com/en/home-protection.aspx

RHOA's Landscaping Guide
Want to know whether you must replace that sick or damaged tree in your front yard? Want to know which trees will not overgrow your yard and damage your water pipes? Download the RHOA's Landscaping Guide now! In it, you'll find RHOA-approved trees, specimen plantings, foundation plantings, and groundcovers, as well as planting, pruning, and mulching tips. There's also a guide to local nurseries. This guide was originally printed in the September 2005 issue of RHOA's newsletter. You can download it from the "Documents" link to the left.

New Paint Colors for Runnymeade!
Runnymeade now has a new updated paint color palette for residents to choose from when they decide to repaint their homes. Some of the colors chosen by the builder for the original palette are no longer available. The "RHOA's New Paint Color Palette" document describes where to view the palette, the method of choosing colors from the palette, and local vendors you can purchase semi-gloss finish paint from that will match the new palette colors.

Don't forget, RHOA guidelines require residents to submit a request for ACC approval before painting! Check it out!

The Runnymeade Resident's Handbook
You can download a copy of the Runnymeade 2006 Resident's Handbook from this web site. It is contained in four parts as follows:

Almost any question you might have about the care and maintenance of your home's grounds and exterior can be found in the 2006 Resident's Handbook.

Looking for an acceptable lamp replacement for your front door or lamp post? The guidelines are here! Want to replace your address sign with a different one? The guidelines are here! Replacing your front door, shutters, garage door, new exterior house color, tree in your front yard? Read this guide!

Read this guide now and avoid costly replacements later. Just because you copied a neighbor does not mean you did it right! Maintaining your home according to the guidelines of this community is your responsibility. Don't be caught by surprise - read this handbook!


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