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Tennis Courts
Tennis Anyone?

As the weather continues to get warmer, Runnymeade residents may enjoy the weather and keep physically fit on the Runnymeade tennis courts. The tennis courts, located near the entrance to the community, are for the express use of Runnymeade residents and their guests. They are yours, so use them!

Residents & Guests


The tennis courts are for the exclusive use of RHOA residents and the members of their family, tenants, or contract purchasers who reside in Runnymeade. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.  

To use the tennis courts, you must fill out a Tennis Application form, which can be found on the Runnymeade web site, in the Resident’s Handbook, or by contacting our Property Manager.  The courts are kept locked, so you will also need to obtain a key.  Keys are available for RHOA residents only. Please contact our Property Manager (Sarinda Ly at 703-924-5900) to obtain a key. A $35.00 deposit is required in order to obtain a key. You can hold onto the key as long as you are residing in Runnymeade.  When you return the key, you will receive a deposit refund of $25.00. Ten dollars ($10.00) is deducted from the initial deposit to cover administrative costs and key processing. 


Tennis Court Rules

• The tennis courts are for tennis playing only. No handball, softball, basketball or soccer playing is allowed on the courts.
• No bikes, skates, skateboards, chairs, or pets are allowed on the tennis courts.
• Tennis shoes must be worn on the courts; no street or running shoes are allowed.
• No trash should be left at the courts. Please take all trash home with you.
• No throwing of racquets or hitting playing surfaces or net is permitted.
• No sitting on, swinging on, jumping over or otherwise damaging nets is permitted.
• You must close and lock the gate after you are finished playing.
• When others are waiting to play tennis, court play will be limited to the following times:
Singles tennis: 1 hour
Doubles tennis: 1.5 hours

Loss of Privileges

RHOA residents or members of their family, tenants or contract purchasers found violating
RHOA tennis court rules and regulations will automatically lose their privileges and no key
deposit will be refunded.

Tennis News and Information
People climbing over or under the fence at the tennis courts is a real problem.  If you see anyone skate boarding on the courts or doing something other than playing tennis, please call our Property Manager immediately. If you see someone climbing the fence or trying to gain access to the tennis courts by going under the fence, please call the police as well as our Property Manager. 

Parked vehicles have been seen in the parking lot of the tennis courts when no one was using the courts. The signs at the parking lot clearly state that the tennis court parking lot is private property and only for resident parking while using the tennis courts. If you have reason to believe that there is a non-resident parked in the parking lot, if the vehicle is occupied, please call the police non-emergency number (703-691-2131) to report the loitering. If the vehicle is not occupied, please call our Management Company to report it. If the police are in the vehicle, make sure you stop at the stop signs.

Do not use the Tennis Court parking lot as a bus stop parking lot or you may be towed.




Looking for a tennis partner?

Looking for a tennis partner? You can go to the Runnymeade web site Message Board or Blog or you can post on Runnymeade’s Facebook page.


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