Community News


The 2020 Annual Meeting of the Runnymeade Homeowners Association (RHOA) will be held on Tuesday, October 27, 2020, at the Franconia Volunteer Fire Department, 6300 Beulah Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22310, in the Bingo Hall. Registration will begin at 6:30PM with the meeting commencing promptly at 7:00PM. Masks are required at all times, without exception; and social distancing requirements will be maintained.

A primary purpose of the 2020 annual meeting is to elect four (4) members to the RHOA Board of Directors. Three will be elected to serve 3 year terms ending 2023; and one will be for one year to fill the remaining year left in a term that expires June 2021.

Notice of the meeting is being mailed to all homeowners.  Copies of the pages of the Notice are available by logging in and checking the Community Bulletin.

Mailer/Community Bulletin includes:

  1. A Proxy Form for the Annual Meeting for your use if you do not intend to attend the meeting but wish to participate for quorum and voting purposes. Please mail, hand deliver, or fax (to 703-924-6737) the completed form to Jeffrey Charles & Associates to be received by October 26, 2020.  This will allow you to be counted for purposes of meeting quorum requirements if you do not attend the meeting and also gives whomever you designate the right to vote on your behalf.  Note:  if you do not designate anyone or you designate Jeffrey Charles & Associates, your proxy will only be counted for purposes of determining a quorum.  If you choose to attend the meeting or provide someone else with your proxy, you may do so at any time prior to the meeting so long as your revised proxy is presented at the meeting.
  2. A Nomination Application to be completed and mailed to Jeffrey Charles & Associates by October 19, 2020, if you wish to nominate yourself or another Member of the Association for a Board position. Nominations will also be taken from the floor during the Annual Meeting. There are four (4) open Board positions.
  3. Draft Minutes of the June 25, 2019 Annual Meeting for review and approval of Members at the 2020 Annual Meeting.
  4. Draft Minutes of the May 13, 2019 Special Members Meeting for review and approval of Members at the 2020 Annual Meeting.