Towing Policy

RHOA Towing Policy

Towing Request by a Homeowner

Any vehicle that is parked on or blocking a Homeowner’s driveway or reserved parking space without authority of the person to whom the space is assigned may be towed at the expense of the vehicle owner. To make arrangements for towing, the person to whom the parking space is assigned should contact Henry’s Towing, the authorized towing contractor for Runnymeade, at 703-698-8900. You can contact Henry’s Towing 24-hours daily.

All other arrangements for towing can only be authorized by the RHOA Board or Management Agent.  Any resident can ask the Management Agent or the Board to initiate enforcement procedures but cannot represent to the towing contractor or the police that he/she is or has been authorized by the RHOA Board or Management Agent.

The following vehicles are subject to immediate towing, without notice to the vehicle owner:

• Any vehicle parked so as to obstruct the entrance or exit, whether pedestrian or garage of any unit, that could be used in a situation of emergency, or the free movement of another vehicle that is properly parked or that needs to leave the development;

• Any vehicle parked in a fire lane or parked in any other manner that could jeopardize health or safety; and

• Any vehicle otherwise parked in violation of existing county ordinances or state law.

The following vehicles are considered “unauthorized” and subject to enforcement procedures that may include towing:

(a) Any boat or boat trailer;
(b) Any motor home or self-contained camper;
(c) Any camper slip-on where the back of the camper is higher than the roofline of the cab of the truck;
(d) Any mobile home, trailer of fifth wheel vehicle;
(e) Any pop-up camper/tent trailer or similar recreation-oriented portable vehicle or transportable facility or conveyance;
(f) Any vehicle defined in the Fairfax County Code as a commercial vehicle;
(g) Any taxis, buses, moving vans, tractors, wreckers, limousines, compressors, concrete mixers, plumbing, pipe and ladder trucks, or any truck or vehicle with commercial signs, advertising or having visible commercial equipment, or any vehicle with “commercial/for hire” license plates;
(h) Private or public school or church buses;
(i) Any other vehicle not defined above which is not normally or regularly used for daily transportation, including dune buggies, non-operational automobile collections or other automotive equipment not licensed for use on the highways of Virginia;
(j) Any vehicle that is missing any necessary parts, such as, but not limited to, tires, wheels, engine, etc. that are necessary for operation of the vehicle on public streets;
(k) Any vehicle whose primary function is storage;
(l) Any vehicle operated by residents of Runnymeade that does not conform to Fairfax County and Commonwealth of Virginia codes, ordinances and statutes (all vehicles must bear current licenses, registrations, stickers and certifications as required by the County and the Commonwealth of Virginia);
(m) Any vehicle parked in a non-reserved parking space for longer than fourteen (14) days without prior written approval from the RHOA Management Agent.

Extra Services

Residents may also call Henry’s Towing to get the following services for a fee:
• Lock-Outs
• Tire changes
• Jump Starts

Vehicle pickup from the towing lot

If you have had your vehicle towed and need to pick it up, remember to bring enough cash (and ask for a receipt) or your Visa or MasterCard credit cards, since the towing company does not accept checks. Also, bring your driver’s license and proof that you own your car, such as a registration or title. You might also give Henry’s a call in advance to make sure you have everything you will need to claim your vehicle.

Henry’s Towing Impound Lot in Alexandria can be reached by calling: 703-313-6857.

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